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Barnardos Student Mothers Group / Young parents support

The young Parent Support Programme helps teenage/ young parents to maximise their potential and reduce risk of social exclusion and Isolation. Offer supports to young expectant mothers and young mothers to remain in second level education.

Our Young parent/Student Mothers programme provides:

  • Health advice during pregnancy
  • Knowledge of child development and parenting skills
  • Managing peer and family relationships
  • Returning to education and training
  • Arranging childcare
  • One-to-one work between project worker and student mother
  • Accessing Childcare support
  • Financial support towards school and study materials
  • Helping you link with other services during and after your pregnancy such as hospital maternity services

Referral process: Self-Referral, Tusla, School, HSE, PHN, GP, Garda, Youth services, Early years services and other