Parenting resources:

Parent Support Champions The 20 Second Hug  PP-The 20 Second Hug.indd (

Parent Support Champions Tips for Communicating with Teens PP-Communicating-with-Teens-FINAL-1.pdf (

Parent Support Champions Helping Your Child Manage AnxietyPP-Anxiety-FINAL-1.pdf (

Parent Support Champions Setting Up Routines At Home PP-Setting-Up-Routines-FINAL.pdf (

Parent Support Champions Self Care Tips for Parents PP-Self-Care-FINAL.pdf (

Spun Out Life Survival Guide for 16-25 Year Olds spunout-Survival-Guide-to-Life-6th-Edition-1.pdf



School Resources: 

Preparing Young Children for Primary School – A Resource for Parents, Early Learning and Care Settings and School  NCSE-Preparing-Young-Children-for-Primary-School-1.pdf



Drug and Alcohol Resources:

Parents Guide to Alcohol and Drugs Alcohol_and_drugs_a_parents_guide.pdf (

Nitrous Oxide Fact Sheet for Parents  Factsheet-2-General-Nitrous-Oxide-02.pdf (

Cannabis Edible Factsheet Factsheet_Parental_Booklet_V6.pdf (

Tips for Parents on Managing Parties and Discos  Tips for parents on managing parties and discos –

How to Communicate with your Child/Teenager about drugs and Alcohol Information for parents about young people –

Pregnancy and Alcohol 1834_PREGNANCY_AND_ALCOHOL_DL_V8.indd (



Bereavement, Suicide Loss and Grief:

Childhood Bereavement Services Supports-and-Services-1.pdf (

You are not alone – Support for people bereaved by suicide national-suicide-bereavement-support-guide.pdf (



Additional needs: 

Waterford City South Childrens Disability Network Team (CDNT) Community Access Pack

Explaining Autism for Children – Amazing Things Happen Video by Alexander Amelines Amazing Things Happen – by Alexander Amelines – YouTube

Understanding the Autism Spectrum Comic Strip UnderstandtheSpectrum.pdf (



Parenting Podcasts:

HSE Talking Health and Wellbeing – Parents Matter Podcast HSE Talking Health and Wellbeing (




List of Books that can help with specific topics The Way Forward Book List