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BRILL FRC Waterford Parent Hub

A ‘One Stop Shop’ for parents in Waterford City and County looking to identify supports, services and information to support their parenting role.

Waterford Parent Hub is here to assist parents with several things:

  • Signpost parents to supports, agencies they may need based on their parenting role.
  • Signpost parents to parenting courses that aim to support parents in enhancing their parenting skills
  • Promote Self Care for parents and actively advertise opportunities for parents to take some time out for themselves and recharge their batteries.
  • Advertise and support Parent-to-Parent Support Groups.

We do this through the following:

We are developing and maintaining a database of Groups and Organisations in Waterford City & County that provide support to parents. We actively signpost parents to the service most local to them who is best placed to support the parent with their request.


We can be contacted via phone, email, WhatsApp, text, Facebook or through our website.  If you wish to access any type of support within the community for you or your child please reach out, we can help signpost you to the most appropriate service to meet the needs of you and your child.

Contact: Amy Cullinane