The mission statement of the ISPCC is to advocate on behalf of all children in Ireland and to provide a range of independent and unique services which are preventative and empowering in nature. The ISPCC has a range of services available in Waterford including the Child & Parent Mentoring service, Childline and advocacy services.

Mentoring Support Worker

In 2012 the ISPCC re-launched the child and parent mentoring service.

The child mentoring service improves the quality and level of social support for children and parents through the development of life skills which assist the young person in making positive social connections with others.

The parent mentoring service increases the coping capacity of parents/carers and enhances parenting skills through the provision of a supportive mentor who is available to listen, help, problem solve and develop social support networks.

Support is carried out by a trained ISPCC volunteer mentor for a period of up to a year with monthly supervision and support from a professional childhood support worker. Parent mentoring is a special, supportive relationship between a parent/carer and a trained volunteer mentor. This is an informal support system.

  • Parent Mentors support and encourage parents/carers to use positive parenting approaches with the children.
  • Parent Mentors provide informal emotional support to parents/carers. This relationship is based on trust and respect, and the understanding that parents can benefit by communicating their feelings, insights and questions with a parent mentor.
  • A parent mentor can be of huge benefit to the parent as it offers the opportunity to get informal support from a peer.
  • Parent mentoring can be an enormous benefit in nurturing the parent/child relationship and strengthening families.
  • The ISPCC offers a parent mentoring support service to increase parent’s confidence and better met their children’s needs.

Referrals into the service are received directly from parents and professionals. Referrals to Emma Ryan