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Barnardos Parental Advocacy Service for parents of children in care

How can the Barnardos Parent Advocacy Service help you?

If you are the parent of a child in care, or if your child might be going into care our Information Officer or our Advocates may be a useful support to you.


Working with Tusla

Our advocates can:

Give you information about your rights

Help you to talk to your child’s social worker and other professionals.

Help you understand any child protection and welfare concerns and what you can do to change things.

Help you prepare for meetings.

Attend meetings to support you.


Going to Court

If you are going to court about your child in care we can:

Help you get a solicitor

Support you at meetings with your legal team

Help you prepare for going to court

Go to court with you to make sure you can fully participate.


A parent can refer themselves or they can be referred by another professional by contacting the worker