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Waterford Sports Partnership

Our Vision
Waterford – Active People, Active Place

Our Mission is that, together, we make Waterford a place that has a positive culture of people playing sport and being active. We want people to enjoy participating and the many benefits it brings to their health, happiness and our community.

Our Goals

Goal 1 – Active People – Many Opportunities, Many Places
To support the provision of a wide range of opportunities for people to participate in sport and physical activity in a variety of places.

Goal 2 – Active Network – Strengthening the Network, Connecting People
To support and strengthen the capacity of the network of people and organisations who facilitate sport and physical activity in Waterford.

Goal 3 – Active Engagement – Clear Messages, Effective Communications
To communicate clear and consistent messages and positively promote sport and physical activity opportunities.

Goal 4 – Active Management – Sufficient Resources, Good Governance
To lead and influence a culture of participation, good governance and competent operations.


We focus our efforts on increasing the participation of those with low participation rates from a number of target groups….

  • Young people and youth at risk
  • People with a Disability
  • Women and teenage girls
  • Men
  • Older Adults
  • Disadvantaged people
  • Ethnic Minority groups

while also supporting those who promote participation in sport and physical activity…..

  • Volunteers
  • Sports coaches and instructors
  • Club officials and administrators
  • Physical activity leaders
  • Community leaders
  • Teachers
  • Health workers

 in many different places…

  • Sports Clubs
  • Schools
  • Communities
  • Commercial and public facilities
  • The natural environment