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Waterford Travellers Youth Support Project – WTSYSP

This is a traveller specific youth project based on the outskirts of Waterford City. The core work carried out is facilitating the personal, social and educational development of its young members through a wide range of programmes and activities. WTYSP designs specific programmes of support on a needs led basis; identifying needs and responding to these needs with a holistic approach. Our overall aim of the project is to support our young members in developing life-long skills and to encourage participation and integration into the wider community. The defying feature of the project is its focus on educational support and encouraging young members to remain in the education system. The project operates on a part time basis.

Participants usually become involved with the project through voluntary or self referral. However schools and other community projects can refer or recommend that a young person attends. Our target group is young travellers aged 10-25 years old from the Waterford city area.