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Waterford Adult Education (VTOS) Centre

A range of full-time educational and training courses are available to adults who are aged 21 years or over and in receipt of eligible Social Welfare payments.
Who can qualify:
Jobseekers Assistance/Jobseekers Benefit
One Parent Family Payment
Disability Allowance
Illness Benefit
Invalidity Pension
Person signing for Credits
Dependent Spouse/Partner
Refugee Status
Asylum Seekers who are Parents of an Irish Child
Asylum Applicants who are Eligible to Seek Work
Persons and their Dependents Granted Leave to Remain on Humanitarian Grounds

The following categories are also eligible to apply for VTOS provided they are at least 21 years of age and satisfy the Department of Social & Family Affairs that they have not been engaged in work for at least six months, and are in receipt of one of the following payments:
Blind Persons Pension
Deserted Wife’s Allowance
Deserted Wife’s Benefit
Widow/er’s Non- Contributory Pension
Widow/er’s Contributory Pension
Prisoner’s Wife’s Allowance