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TREO Port Lairge

Treo work with people aged 16 to 23 years of age. The main aim is to support each person to reduce their criminal activity, encourage & support them make more positive choices and move forward with their lives. This in turn makes Waterford a safer and healthier community to live. We also support the families of service users. Treo is a QQI accredited centre. Each Service user can choose from a range of in-house education & training programmes:
Gym Literacy/Numeracy
Boxing Skills
Repairing/Servicing Machines and Tools
Driving Lesson
Music lessons & Music Production
Communications & Maths Relaxation
Preparing Food
Repairing/Servicing Bicycles
Carpentry & Making Furniture
Independent Living Crime Awareness & Management
Sober activities
Scrap Art
Peer Support